Special issue: Elati, Pertouli and other desitnations


Elati is located in the north of Pyli on the slopes of mount Koziakas in a green landscape. It is 34 km away from Trikala and it is the largest village in the area. In 1777 Kosmas Aitolos stayed and preached here. Green peaks such as ” Arkoudotrypa”  at an altitude of 1600 meters and a number of springs add to the beauty of the area.

The abundance of forest and grassland vegetation, the healthy climate and the traditional hospitality have rendered Elati one of the most frequented resorts of the area.

At an altitude of 1200 meters, 6 km from Elati, visitors reach the Pertouli Grasslands where there is a ski center. The village is 3 km away.

Pertouli is 48 km away from Trikala and it is built on a mountain slope at an altitude of 1100 meters. It is worth visiting the nearby villages (Neraidochori, Drosochori,etc) The whole mountainous area of Trikala with its dense fir forests, vast grasslands, rivers and imposing peaks is a landscape on a par with that of the famous European Alps.

Cultural heritage/monuments
To the southeast of Elati on the way to “Kalogiri” village at “ Psili Rachi” and “Katofli” there are vestiges “ of a castle and an old settlement . It is thought that they belong to the ancient town “Poitneo” or “ Potnaio”, which flourished in the 5th century BC until the Roman Times. Near the mountain “Giona” there is “Kokkinostefano” which is thought to be a Byzantine or Medieval fortress. The stone bridge of “Gria”  located in the gorge of “Mana”  is built over a tributary of Acheloos and it is a remarkable monument of the Pertouli area. There are carvings of exquisite craftsmanship on the bridge.

The Church of the Holy Mother’s Assumption is located in the center of Elati and dates back to 1958.
The chapel of “Agioi Anargyroi” of “Profitis Ilias” is located at the entrance of the village. The icon screen of the chapel is of great historical value.